If You Run You'll Only Die Tired

The KOS formed as a clan playing on modded servers within the Dayz community.

Over the course of a few months the team grew to a membership of 25+ players and although competitive we never lost sight of the whole point to our gaming style, to have fun!

As a driver for our community it was a common goal amongst us all to branch off and setup our own server, not only to allow others to enjoy our way of playing, but also to bring a server to the community that listens to it’s players and implements features that a community wants.

After trawling through numerous Dayz servers we were finding it evermore difficult to find the one that offered the things that we were looking for, something that probably you as a Dayz player can relate to, so this is our mission, to maintain a player orientated server open to change based on the thoughts of our community and we want you to join us!

This is a community/server not driven by money nor profit and all our operations are transparent!